The Resurrection Of An Unsigned Band (Diary Part 1) The Shores 2015 –

I need a fucking drum kit.

You may have read the 15 part MINI-SERIES of The Shores’ “The Rise And Fall of An Unsigned Band” before this post. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. You’ll see the irony in my first sentence then. Its below these posts, I think. The problem is, I sold my drum kit 3 months ago to an 11 year old’s dad because his son really wanted to be a drummer. They both came to my house and I asked him to sit behind it and hit it. He did, but tentatively. I asked him to hit it harder, he didn’t really, but tried. I took over and hit it properly and it made the loudest, most piercing noise in my tiny living room. His dad looked horrified, he looked in awe. He said “Dad, can I have it?”, his dad said “Are you sure?” he said “I love it” and the dad said “you can have it.” I’d rather it went to him than some profiteering prick on Ebay.

My name is Colin. I was (am) the drummer in The Shores. Incase you don’t want to read the 15 part MELODRAMA in this blog site, I’ll fill you in. The Shores started in Glasgow in 1994 under a different name, ended in 2007, supported Ocean Colour Scene and New Order, had 2 guitarists, ended up 3 parts Glaswegian, one part Maccite. That’s about the size of it.

Allow me to briefly fill you in on events from 2007 to date for continuity. The Shores is comprised of Ryan Gibb (Vocals, Piano, Keyboard, Tambourine, Egg Shaker, Programmed Drums, Rhythm Guitar, 3rd Vocal, Rainstick, Wood Block, Thing On His Computer That I Don’t Know What It Does But It Sounds Pretty Cool, Cowbell) Craig Leon (Bass, Backing Vocals) Danny Hughes (Lead Guitar) Colin McClements (Hits stuff and asks Ryan if it’s ok.) We all have 2 kids. 3 of us have an active spouse and I am not one of those 3… How do you think I’ve got time/permission to write this? Currently, our employment positions are this – Me – Office 9-5, Craig – Office 9-5, Danny – Drugs*. Ryan – Drugs*. There. That’s all you need to know.

The thing is, we never really finished it properly. It all just faded away and our last gig or rehearsal wasn’t planned, it just happened that way. Ryan has a full recording of the last rehearsal, and we NEVER recorded rehearsals. It was like somebody knew, so Ryan recorded it. So, why now? why is a resurrection of The Shores even being contemplated?

I sent a text to all 3 significant others last week asking if they’d be interested in a reunion after a conversation with a 3rd party who will remain un-named for the time being. It was a simple question that started “would you…” Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I haven’t seen the 3 of them since 2007. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like perhaps, but we’re very good friends and live close by to each other. Anyway, the resounding response was “what’s the worst that could happen?” That’s how Rock and Roll we are.

When we played with New Order I was 27, now we’re an average of 36 years old. Danny drags the average down, so I’m going to use that in the future. When people say “how old are you?” I’ll be like “Average 36.”

We decided to meet last Thursday at Ryan’s house to talk about it and play a few songs acoustically. Ryan was playing piano, Craig and Danny on Acoustic Guitar and I was playing Ryan’s Cajon Drum. I’ve never played a Cajon Drum. Didn’t even know what one was until last Thursday, but it’s this wee thing that looks like a speaker that you sit on and hit like a tea chest. It’s like a Cajun Chicken Breast, but inedible and a drum. ANYWAY, it was pretty cool and there was something still there. There may not have been a ‘spark’ as such, but there was a deep understanding of what we were playing and what each person was thinking. I firmly believe that the ‘spark’ comes when we go in the studio.

Which, by the way, we are.

Look out for part 2.

*pharmaceutical Industry.


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