A New Order (The Rise And Fall Of An Unsigned Band – Pt 13)

Ian Curtis grew up in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Curtis would form Joy Division with Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Steven Morris in 1976 (originally called Warsaw) and critical acclaim would quickly follow.

Curtis’s untimely death in May of 1980 is well documented. I will not ‘cut and paste’ it to claim the writing as my own.

New Order would be the continuation of Joy Division, with their first studio album, Movement, released in 1981. I would dearly love to make this story more romantic by claiming I bought it, but I was 3 years old.

35 years later, The Shores would be the support band for the Glasgow dates on New Order’s 2006 UK tour.

Playing 2 nights on the 18th and 19th of October, the original plan was for us to play the first night and another Macclesfield band, Rambo and Leroy, to play the second. I previously mentioned a couple of lads who Craig and Ryan had auditioned before I moved to Macclesfield, called Matt and Jake Evans. Rambo and Leroy was their, very talented, band. Fate conspired against Rambo and Leroy, though. The Glasgow dates were to be filmed for a DVD release and the crew were keen for as much continuity as possible. Only one support band for both dates, was the request. We won. Rambo and Leroy did have their support rescheduled to Wolverhampton, so no harm done…

We flew by helicopter… We hired another transit van and went home to play to the lovely people of Glasgow.

Supporting New Order was a different prospect to playing with OCS. The average age of the crowd escalated to approximately 40. There would be no jumping around to The Shores tonight. In fairness, our newer songs weren’t jumping material anyway, more your anthem type stadium fillers… The Shores have not filled a stadium. We’ve been to a stadium, though.

"The Shore". I ask you...

A more subdued, polite response was the order of the day. We went down reasonably well, with some nice reviews and comments afterwards, but we didn’t feel like the elite band we did after OCS. See the image to the right for a review of one of the nights on Gigwise.com.

After the second night we went to the bar with Phil. There was a guy sitting at a massive table by himself, absolutely leathered. With nowhere else to sit, we joined him. Your man had a red ‘The Shores’ t-shirt on.

“I see you’ve, eh, got a Shores t-shirt on there, bigyin” I pointed out, desperate for his praise and recognition.

“Aye, son. Bought it last night.” he slurred.

“Aye. Did you like Shores, then?” I said, instead of  ‘please love me.’

“Aye.” he belched out, “Been going to see New Order for 20 odd years. I thought they lads were better.”

Phil, get that RIGHT up you.

This man was clearly drunk. Not only was his opinion slightly skewed, but he had no idea that he was sitting next to The Shores’ drummer and New Order guitarist. Brilliant.

In between the 2 nights we went to a club on Jamaica Street. I can’t recall the name of it. The smoking ban was in full flow in Scotland by this time, not in England. Danny was caught, approximately 10 feet from the front door, lighting up. He was ejected with immediate effect. I can’t remember how, but Ryan and Danny fell out after this, and Ryan left The Shores for approximately 10 hours. Tragic.

The Shores reformed at 10am on the 19th of October 2006. Ryan had been on a 10 hour sabbatical and was raring to go.

The second night came and went without incident and The Shores had once again proven their worth to a satisfied crowd. I read a blog shortly after the gigs which read “I’d not seen New Order since the mid 80’s, so it was with trepidation that I attended the gig on the 19th October. My apprehension was not helped by me having to witness the single most worst support band I have ever seen in The Shores.”


View All Photos | Carling Academy 18.10.06 after show. Photo by Ronnie Turner | The Shores

The Carling Academy 'Dressing Cupboard' after the 2nd night with New Order.

Marion briefly reformed with their original singer and Phil teaming up for the first time in over a decade. Jake Evans (Rambo & Leroy) would play guitar in this carnation. We would also support them at sold out clubs in Manchester and London. As I write this, I honestly don’t recall whether that was before or after the New Order gigs. I think it might have been before. Somebody Google it, will you?

So. There was no doubt that a record deal was just around the corner…


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