The Day We Actually Caught The Train (The Rise And Fall Of An Unsigned Band – Pt 10)

So, yer man Alex sorted it out.

Apart from that, he was a total ride.

The Shores were to support OCS at Dundee Caird Hall, Edinburgh Playhouse and Glasgow Carling Academy on the Scottish leg of the ‘North Atlantic Drift’ tour.

And it DID happen this time.

I will never forget the first night in Dundee as long as I live. We drove up in a hired transit van from Macclesfield. Ryan, Craig and Danny in the front, me in the back with the gear. (By “gear” I mean drums and guitars, we were a clean living band)

Ryan had his obligatory pre-gig cold and could barely speak. That was a good sign for the singer of your band. We had booked a rehearsal in Paisley for the night before the opening night and subsequently cancelled it because of Ryan’s voice. Brilliant.

The Caird Hall, Dundee. The Beatles played there, don't you know?

We travelled on to Dundee on the day of the gig and pulled into the venue. A proper theatre. A real venue, not a pub. We were shown to our ‘dressing room’, not a toilet. This room had light-bulbs around mirrors.

I met Damon Minchella in the corridor. He addressed me as ‘Weeman’. This was acceptable. Pleasing even.

We sound-checked.  My little drum kit in a big hall sounded immense. The noise it made… I’ll never forget it. I met Simon Fowler after our sound-check. He went on to tell me that The Beatles had played the Caird Hall and that made tonight a special night…

We went back to the dressing room and waited.

We were told we’d get a 10 minute warning before we were due on. When that time came, I was a nervous wreck. We were ushered down a hallway to the side of the stage. We waited a few minutes, then came the call down a walkie-talkie “KCHHHH…LIGHTS DOWN… KCHHHH”.

There was a guy standing beside us who had a lot switches beside him. He flicked one. The lights went off.

The noise was immense. A massive Dundonian cheer raised the roof. “What for?”, I thought. Just lights. Let me tell you though, there was a lot of expectation on The Shores from that moment on…


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