Hello, Goodbye (The Rise And Fall Of An Unsigned Band Pt – 5)

There’s so much more that I haven’t told you. I feel I am arrogantly assuming you care.

Gigs in Glasgow were fun. Ryan and Pagey were at Uni and we knew things would change when they graduated. I moved to Glasgow and we gradually stopped rehearsing and playing. See if you know, or remember some of these venues which were lucky enough to have us grace them with our entertainment…

The Arena, The Cathouse (Brown St.), The Cathouse (Union St.), Strawberry Fields, King Tuts, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, 13th Note, The Brewhouse, The Old Printworks, MacSorlery’s, Clutha Vaults, The Vale… and others I can’t remember.

I remember one gig in The Brewhouse I got ID’d. “I’m in the BAND” I protested, arrogantly. “I don’t care, pal. No ID, you’re not playing.” “We’re bringing over 50 people here tonight, but!” So the bouncer spoke to the manager and we were allowed to play on one condition. This ‘condition’ was the most ridiculous suggestion I’d ever heard… “If we draw the backstage curtain round your drum kit, you can play.” The management wanted me to play out of sight like some kind of ‘Drummer Of Oz’ character. Didn’t happen.

When Ryan graduated it was decided he would be moving to Macclesfield, Cheshire for his employment. Pagey would relocate to Southampton, I was already in Glasgow, and Craig was drunk.

Nevertheless played their last gig where it all started; the room above the Railway Inn, Howwood. A mix of cover versions and original songs were used in this celebration of the life and times of Nevertheless. This was captured on video and looking back, some of it is brilliant. It was a sad end, but we were growing up and moving away. We were each presented a small ‘Lilliput Village’ model of a house with a clock face on it by the Railway Inn owner. We presented him with a wooden model train for the display above the bar. It was like a proper retirement.

Off we went on our separate ways, never to look back. The dream had died, time to move on…


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