And Then There Was Robbie Williams (The Rise And Fall Of An Unsigned Band Pt – 4)

Nevertheless were no good at recording.

Our first effort took place overnight in a studio in Govan. I won’t dwell on it, it was appalling. We recorded a song there called ‘Star To Fall’, which was a pretty decent song, in fact that song made a comeback about 10 years later with a bit of work on it. That is all there is of note from that experience. The second recording session was a little more interesting. We booked an expensive session at Glasgow’s plush ÇaVa studios, expecting the professional surroundings to have some kind of magic that would come across in the recording. As it happens, it didn’t, however, it wasn’t that bad an effort. Our session kept getting interrupted by sporadic power cuts, though, which didn’t help… Let me tell you the cause of these power cuts…

Robson and Jerome.

That’s right, you heard. In posh studio one, Dr Tony Hill and The Ugly One were recording the VIDEO for ‘What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted’. As far as I remember, studio 1 had a grand piano and the sound desk was elevated like an air traffic control tower. Those couple of rockets cost us the chance of fame. I know it.

How did you finance these recordings? I hear you think…


The money for unsigned bands lies in the following:-

Pub residencies
Staff parties

See? "As seen in King Tuts", as if that validates our existence.

So we sold out. This was initially to finance our true art… but we were good at it. We  have learned about 30-40 stereotypical ‘wedding’ numbers. A particular low point being Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’. Of course, we indulged ourselves in about 8 Oasis songs, a few Ocean Colour Scene and Cast, the odd Beatles track and U2, but we had to pander to the masses. A terrible realisation for a band. We ended up playing a fortnightly residency at The Old Printworks, just off George Square, for £150 a gig. Easy money… Let me make this clear; we played HUNDREDS of gigs with original songs before, during and after this, I’m just moving the story along a bit. We didn’t sell out instantly. Right?

So, anyway, what started off as financing our own music turned into a second job. We played many nights at the Turf Inn, Dalry as a cover band and those were a riot, but we knew it was all fake.

Little did we know it at the time, but being good at it was the beginning of the end…


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